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Have a rest on Barka Arkadia with a view of Wawel

Are you looking for a restaurant on the water in Krakow? Visit us! Barka Arkadia Restaurant is located in the very center of Krakow, at the foot of Wawel. It's a great place where you can rest from the exciting sightseeing of Krakow, spend a pleasant evening with your other half or friends and organize an interesting party.

The best location near Wawel

The best
location near Wawel

Barka Arkadia is docked near Wawel, by the Vistula River bank, from where it is closest to visiting the greatest antiquities of Krakow. An excellent location guarantees great views and will provide an extraordinary experience.

An intimate barge away from the crowds

An intimate barge
away from the crowds

Get away from the crowds of tourists and the city noise. Barka Arkadia is a quiet place by the Vistula River in Krakow. Best for a peaceful rest and organizing interesting events. You will rest here, gain energy and feel the sailing climate that will enchant you.

Two levels - comfortable and cozy

Two levels
- comfortable and cozy

Barka Arkadia consists of spacious upper and lower decks. From the upper deck you will marvel at the Wawel Hill and the Vistula Bight, sipping aromatic coffee or a drink. In the lower deck there is a restaurant and an air-conditioned play room. Tables for dozens of people, air-conditioning and a unique sailing atmosphere guarantee successful events!

Restaurant and drink bar on the Vistula River in Krakow

Restaurant and drink bar

Try the regional cuisine. Have a rest with a cup of coffee. We serve the best snacks, drinks and Polish cuisine in our barge restaurant. Soothing background noise and aromatic flavours will definitely delight you.

A Krakow Water Tram stop

A Krakow Water Tram stop

Barka Arkadia is the best stop when waiting for a water tram which runs regularly during the summer between Krakow and the Monastery in Tyniec. You will wait calmly in the comfort of the barge where you can enjoy a delicious coffee or use the drink-bar and enjoy the moment.

A cruise by boat or gondola

A cruise by boat or gondola

Are you looking for additional attractions? A cruise on a boat or gondolas on the Vistula River in Krakow is a great idea for an interesting visit to Krakow. We organize cruises on the route Kazimierz - Wawel - Monastery in Tyniec. We will make sure that your stay in Krakow is an extraordinary adventure!